Real Estate Tips For Selling High

Remove unrealistic expectations

Selling ‘high’ is oftentimes a relative thing for many sellers. In most cases, you sell ‘high’ when you get the highest possible closing price that the current market allows. In almost every case with today’s market, the seller is still faced with taking a lot less money than they perhaps initially paid to own the real estate property, so don’t be bull-headed about earning a profit.

Justify your listing price for buyers

If you list a house at the price that professional appraisers have set, and one that is in line with other properties in the area, there is little wiggle room for buyers to negotiate. In most cases, you will be able to gauge how interested the buyer is in the property by playing hardball and saying that other buyers are willing to pay the appraisal price to see if their low offer increases.

Great-looking houses sell for higher prices

If you have a great lawn that is well fertilized, mowed, and impressive to look at it makes a big difference with buyers. A home that looks great on the inside and outside can inspire an added sense of worth, and will intimidate buyers into believing that the listing price is quite accurate. Remember that every time a buyer finds something they don’t like, it justifies a lower offer.

Use the internet

One of the biggest misses from sellers is to neglect the internet as a tool to help them sell at the highest potential. The internet has many regional and local house listings that you can place your house on to be seen by buyers around the world. Without being placed on these listings the uninformed will be wondering why their home isn’t as popular as the other local houses that have internet listings.

Take a decent photo for the listings

You’ll want to make sure you have immaculate listing photos, as buyers will be using that photo as their first ‘test’ of whether or not they are interested in the property. Try to avoid having any personal items (cars, yard furniture, toys, etc.) in the shot that can distract or hide the property. You’ll want the buyer to imagine themselves living in the house when they see the photo, which requires the elimination of all personal items.

Hire a real estate agent

Realtors will have the experience and local connections to efficiently sell your house at the price that you think its worth. Make sure you research your real estate agent before signing any contracts with them, and its good practice to look at a few different agents before making any decisions.

Have an open house

A real estate agent can help you set up an open house if you haven’t received offers within weeks of putting your house on the market. Buyers who are interested will need the extra motivation of walking through the house to come to terms with the appraisal price. Make sure to set open houses up within a few weeks of listing the home, as having it after months without sale seems desperate to buyers.

Avoid seller financing

Many people argue that seller financing is not worth the hassle. With seller financing, a buyer that defaults will first be obligated to payback the bank/mortgagor (if they can) and then the seller (if there’s anything left of their assets). There’s high risk, and little reward when there are more financially stable buyers just around the corner who don’t need discounts.